We practice what we preach, and we’re very grateful that our clients agree.

The Childrens’ Adventure Farm Trust - MBL partner, Mike Bulcock is a trustee of CAFT and so we are able to access MBL’s huge expertise in the third sector with Mike acting as a part time finance director for the farm. CAFT CEO, Ian Eccles said, “Having access to Mike’s and MBL’s expertise has proved invaluable. We have regular contact with MBL which means that informed decisions can be taken quickly and we can access a level of financial expertise that a relatively small charity like CAFT would not be able to afford on a full time basis.”...read more


Reclaimed World - Jeff feels that he has developed a fantastic working relationship with MBL over the last four years. As well as the usual services of payroll, VAT, year-end accounts and corporation tax, MBL help with forecasting and business planning, tax planning and succession planning. MBL are also providing financial planning advice for inheritance over the next ten to twenty years...read more  


Panama Hatty`s-Over the years MBL have provided a consistently prompt service and expert advice on a range of matters from pensions to the acquisition of other businesses. MBL is a key part of the Incabrook team and we consult MBL on all major decisions for the business...read more


Batch Bottlestore - When Batch was created (2019), we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, but we had no previous experience of running a business. From day one, we have worked in close partnership with MBL and relied heavily on our advice for all matters financial. MBL helped us to restructure two separate businesses into one consolidated business, which is successful and flourishing...read more


Altrincham FC Community Sports Company (Altrincham) - MBL and looks after all aspects of the legal and compliance work required for the financial side of the charity as well as providing payroll for the growing team of people. During the pandemic, MBL also provided advice on grants and administered the furlough scheme for the charity. Peter Foster, one of the Trustees said “MBL are the first point of contact for all financial queries and we have total trust in them.”...read more

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